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Welcome to Expert Dental Care dot COM

date: 2007-06-11
by: Venetsian

Welcome to Expert Dental Care. First I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Venetsian and I'm a web developer. I think you're going to enjoy this website because I'm planning to put some useful stuff on dental care and dental information that I don't find really accessible to people and it would be really nice if I can make people's life easier at least in that way.

I registered this domain name www.expertdentalcare.com exactly one year ago, and since then I totally forgot about its existence until today when I receive a notification letter from my Domain Name Registrar saying that this domain has expired and I will loos my ownership if I don't act quickly. Fortunately I got it on time and immediately renewed it for one more year.

As I already stated above, I own that domain for some time, but never utilized its full capabilities since its a really nice domain. Also I've been paying for it for second year now, and thus I've made my mission to, at least, try to cover my expenses for this domain by making it popular and placing some advertisements from it. Yes I know .. I won't become millionaire from websites but hell even if I cover my expenses I'll be fine with it right?...

The thing that really got me started on first time is that I registered this domain as a present for my Aunt as she is a professional dentist (actually one of the best that I know), but I don't know what happened I wasn't able to get the ownership and I bought her other domain for her company. A week later, eventually, I got that domain .. and kind'a forgot about it since then because i'm not really keen on dentists. (Hell I'm so afraid of dentists that I can't express my fear. Especially when I hear this buzz machine auuu... I'm running like a little kid). Anyway, I'm more than happy to say that I'll try to make this website one good dental information resource full with dental care plans and dentist offices and resources. I guess that's what people are interested in right?

Before I start blogging about stuff, I'll have to educate myself a bit on what's what, and then I'll start posting around, because I don't want to end up writing BS. So please sit tight and wait for some nice articles.

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